The Professional Club

The client for this project approached the Oleg Klodt Bureau with an interesting yet challenging proposal – to create the interiors for a professional club, whose premises are to be located in the bygone mansion of the Yakovlev dynasty of Muscovite merchants of the early 19th century. The mansion is in the very heart of historic Moscow. The idea involved a complete transformation of the building to provide a three-fold increase its usable floorspace, whilst simultaneously retaining the building's historic facades and appearance. As a commercial project, the result had to be ultra-fashionable and elegant – whilst still keeping a firm handle on costs. Clients who visit the centre need to feel they've arrived at a completely contemporary centre – yet which simultaneously retains the charming ethos of the late 19th century. A solution to this conundrum was found through the creation of numerous bespoke furniture pieces of natural wood, a solid oak floor, and the bureau's famous attention to fine detail in the planning and zoning of the space, which has been completed in a refined yet restrained Belgian style. The grey-toned colour scheme chimed perfectly with the use of loft-style chrome tubing, metal, and mirrors.

The Club offers the full range of services, with a Beauty Salon on the ground floor. The Spa itself is situated on the Lower Ground, fitted with three halls, two hammams and a solar room. The upper floor features a technological kitchen with a lift to a restaurant on the third floor which offers a space to relax between spa procedures and soak up the atmosphere of the past – and cheerfully pass a whole day there.

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