The Voentorg Offices

A functional and comfortable office space.

This is the Head Office of a major corporation. Its 1300 square metres of floorspace were competed within half a year. The principle task was to avoid any hint of discomfort, while maintaining a business-like working atmosphere.

Each of the offices in the presentation zone of the office building is divided into zones – discussion, open-plan, work-spaces, relaxation space, and toilet facilities. The design reinforced the elegant taste of the owners, and ticks all the boxes for an interior for the luxury segment.

The conference room and reception area produce the most striking effects. Oleg Klodt designed the Reception Desk, as well as the five-metre-long Great Table in the conference room. The table has built-in facilities for microphones, power sockets, storage drawers, and everything a working environment might need.

The work zone of the building is designed in a more calm and standard way.

The balance that arises between the working atmosphere and domestic comfort was carefully managed, to produce a very functional and truly stylish office.

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