Art Rugs Gallery Showroom. Moscow
Art Rugs Gallery Showroom.

The owners' central idea was to create a diverse boutique featuring not just rugs but also various art pieces such as sculptures and paintings as well as collectable furniture and lights.

We tried to subtly incorporate exterior features into interior decoration. The solution was very simple: poured flooring in glossy finish with matt walls and ceiling. The focus was placed on the windows. It is always a pleasure to work in a space with high ceilings and large windows. We think that in this project, we managed to place emphasis on the arched windows creating radius slopes.

Special attention was paid to the entrance area. The aim was to create a special art gallery atmosphere felt by anyone who enters.

A vertical chandelier was designed especially for this project to become its centrepiece. The chandelier Meissa from the O&A London collection works well with the arched windows. The patterns are refracted by the luminous spheres, which creates a truly magical effect.

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