Retail space for LOFT Design By...

The French brand's first clothing store in Moscow.

We deployed concrete panels as the finishing materials for both the walls and floors. They're combined with metal cladding on the columns and the hanging spaces for clothes. The hanging spaces were specially designed by Oleg Klodt to be created out of water plumbing pipes. The light walnut from which the shelves and clothing cabinets are made adds a feeling of equilibrium – and were similarly built to unique designs by the project architect.

The rest of the furniture and the old-fashioned cash-registers were picked up at different flea-markets in London. The shelves and vintage suitcases are lined with antiquarian books about art.

We succeeded in creating stylish interiors which reflect and reinforce the principles of the client's brand, and underscore that intelligent design of their clothing. The project went from drawing-board to opening day in just four months.

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