Bykovo House

There was a client - a lady with a good nose for business - who approached our Bureau with a request to create the interiors for her personal home, which is situated on a private plot in the city suburbs. She quickly decided what she wanted, and put her implicit trust in the hands of professionals. She wanted a home that was snug, comfortable, and designed with our house reputation for restrained elegance that typifies the work of Oleg Klodt.

Even before we began, the house had a good floorplan layout - large rooms, high ceilings, and enormous windows, with lots of space and inspiration. The restricted budget for the project quickly helped determine the materials - the architects and designers devised the space in accordance with the client's wishes and stylistic preferences. The interior walls were repositioned, and the new interior was filled out with individually - created furniture pieces and items.

The designers made use of simple decorative materials - plasterboard, wallpaper, and designer-style furnishings including an aged-effect floor. Instead of taking a conventional approach and laying out the interior uniformly throughout, the architects created a house consisting of different zones, each of which has its own mood - yet with unifying elements of comfort and softness. The end result is a simple and charming Provencale-style interior. All of the different elements are holistically combined within the image of a building located in an old village made up of large plots of land and magnificent soaring old trees.Th

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