The House at Dmitrovka

A simple yet stylish modern home

The building's simple geometrical shape (with a basic rectangular floorplan) was the inspiration for the huge overhanging flat roof, which extends over the deep balconies on the upper floor. The upper level itself projects outwards slightly above the ground floor, on diagonal beam structures. The traditional wooden facing of the exterior walls is partnered with a large angled stone wall that supports the building on one side.

Visitors to the house immediately find themselves inside a tall and airy space, and don't even notice that the actual size of the building is, in fact, relatively small. Simple and natural materials are used for the interior finishings – solid stained larchwood board for the floorings, plywood ceilings, painted walls, and curtains from simple fabrics. A collection of handicrafts and items which the owners have collected from their travels all over the world create a distinctive ambience. It's a special and comfortable interior with its own calm aura.

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