Golden Keys apartment

Restrained kitsch

It's very rare for architects to meet a client who is ready and willing to accept almost any kind of approach. The challenge was accepted – and the architects took the opportunity for little jests and pranks at every step. The final interior has an atmosphere of restrained kitsch, with incongruous mixtures – bright colours and contemporary shapes in giant classical stucco; level concrete floors with marble-faced walls; floors laid with classic French honey-tone herringbone alongside the kind of multicoloured concrete tiles you can find in street architecture in Spanish towns.

The designers intentionally used items which don't match – either in style, or shape, or appearance.The interiors are filled with unusual items, which the designers gathered from every corner of the globe: an unevenly-proportioned chest of drawers clad in leather, Russian abstractionist paintings, bizarre Belgian light-fitting made of tubes, a specially-rusted extractor hood above the blue granite kitchen island...

It's an emotionally-charged interior that manages to be bright, yet calm enough for easy living.

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