Bolshaya Gruzinskaya

Memories of his ancestral home helped architect Oleg Klodt create the interior in which his own children are now growing up. The apartment is located on the top floor of an old four storey building erected in 1902 in the heart of Moscow.

The layout of this one level 175 sq. m apartment is truly amazing. It has many windows which are the main feature responsible for creating a particular atmosphere of the interior. The complete lack of curtains makes this apartment very different from all of the other projects of the bureau. Creating a portal in the bearing wall which divided the apartment into two sections was a very smart decision. Of the two resulting areas, one is the spacious and light general area which is in turn divided into an office, kitchen, living room, and a hall and on the other side is the leisure area containing four bedrooms.

This is a space telling the story of generations. The designers avoided overly bold colour combinations. The walls and ceilings set the tone for the majority of spaces. The floor is mainly wooden with an aged effect. The apartment itself helped create the interior with a history. Two arch-shaped alcoves were discovered within the walls which are now uncovered and located in the master bedroom and one of the children's rooms.

The overall interior is created by combining various details, that give the place real character. For this interior, these details included: a carved cupboard, an antique German grand piano and a fireplace with cast iron plates. In the kitchen, the main focus is on the designer island made from solid teak with lava stone countertop.

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