Bor'by Square

Old-Moscow Style with a French accent

This apartment is located within an old building in Moscow city centre. The interior reflects the client's aspiration - the impression of an apartment passed down through the family from generation to generation over many years. This idea inspired us to design interiors suggesting the style of Moscow during the heady years of the 1920s and 1930s – but with a French accent.

The chimney-places of the old building survived, and were worked into the design to introduce a stove in the Old-Moscow style in the bedroom, and a fireplace in the dining room. All of the fittings were purchased in antique shops in Paris and Amsterdam and the parquet flooring was laid out in the 'French herring-bone' pattern. Probably the most eloquent compliment about this project comes from the client: “No matter how widely I travel, something is always drawing me homewards, to my own apartment. There's nowhere I feel more at ease and comfortable than in my own apartment” .

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