In a restrained style with some aspects of art-deco

We solved a number of issues while working this project: the space was quite small, the layout was unconducive, and the clients came with their own Oriental cultural expectations.

We designed the interior around a series of contrasts – a densely dark wenge floor, white wall, beige and brown hues, diluted with turquoise tones. We resolved the layout issues by careful attention to the use of space. Built-in bulkhead wardrobe with transparent glass shelves which extends for the entire length of the corridor. In the bedroom, the unideal location of the bed in the master bedroom was solved by creating a complex back-structure for it. The kitchen was knocked-through to connect with an open-space lounge-dining area divided by partitioned area. We made extensive use of wood which we counterbalanced by the use of metal and fabrics. The fabrics are substantial in nature – velvet, silk, Alcantara – which is a further reflection of the client's own culture.

Visitors feel enveloped in the interior, as if in a cup of cappucino with foamy froth, giving a sensation of comfort and tranquility.

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