Wine House

Our bureau has developed a modern interior concept for a flat in the new housing development Wine House.

Spacious 130-square metre one-level apartment boasts a beautiful layout and panoramic-view windows that face the historic part of the city. The modest, neo-classic style of the planned interior was inspired by the building's modernist style as well as the client's personality.

This apartment was not our client's only place of residence for he and his family, which is why it was decided that it only needed two bedrooms – which left us a large open light space to combine the kitchen, hall, and sitting room. In order to help make the space seem even larger, we made the design decision to create the sitting room's mirror wall. In addition to visually enlarging the space, this trick also gave the room a quirky, geometric shape due to the vertical positioning of the mirrors. This trick was utilised again in the dressing room, where we used volumetric bronze mirrors to give the space extra depth. Meanwhile, we seamlessly integrated the kitchen into the open space, hiding it behind a marble island.

The designers paid special attention to the overall general background of the space, which - despite its monochrome appearance - is marked by original detail. One of the bedrooms boasts handmade wallpaper from the Caledonia collection by Anna and Oleg, which was manufactured in collaboration with Holland&Sherry. The central elements of the dining room are the table and chairs from O&A's Oleg and Anna's first furniture collection.

Oleg and Anna did not overload the rooms with storage systems in a bid to leave as much open space as possible. A smart walk in wardrobe was designed for one of the bedrooms, and for the other Oleg Klodt created an elegant wardrobe. This wardrobe, as well as many others created by the architect, tells its own story of the generation and incorporates family traditions – establishing a strong connection between the furniture piece and the home's inhabitants.

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